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Friday, March 27, 2009

Professional Testimonials


“The Most Intelligent Section I handled!”
- Mrs. Jelina Joy Contreras R.N

Mrs. Jelina Joy Saoit Contreras R.N, MaEd is our instructor in fundamentals in Nursing or NCM 100– B and she utters that in all sections she ever handled we are the most intelligent one. As all of on are very competitive, we always having our recitations and even make the exam remarkable with high scores and it really flatter us a lot. She even endorses us with other professors about intellectual capabilities and often says “dapat isabay ko pala kau sa mga taga _ _ U at C_ _ para magmukha silang bobo”… don’t ever mention shool names!

“Sa Section na ito maraming papasa sa board exam!”
- Redner Pondang R.N, PMART Reviewer

Sir Pondang is our professor in community health nursing or NCM 101-B and with his good teaching skills we (proudly to say) all often pass any of his exams. And we would like to thanks this professor as he can still remember almost all of us and even kids us with his fantastic humor!

“Gusto ko tong Section na to’ kasi mababait! Isang suway mo lang tatahimik na”
- Mrs. Ira Christine Cadacio R.N

Ma’am Ira is our Bioethics professor, I never expect her to utter these words because as far as I know, we are all very pasaway… and she always said “Sssshhhh.. tahimik na” and then we will be distracted. When we held our play in bioethics ma’am said another flattering words to us “Ang galing, masaya ako sa pinakita niyo class” and she even gave best actress and actor awards that she never did to other sections she handled. Lately, ma’am sat in our table when we are having our lunch in the canteen and she even told us that she is very disappointed that our section are being dissolved, she even compare us other section as well and end it up with a good remarks and her last words I can still remember was “Sa totoo lang, favorite ko ang section niyo.. gawan niyo ng paraan para mabalik ang section niyo”

“Nasa Section na toh’ ang susunod na magto-top sa Board Exam”
- Mrs. Elisa Velasco R.N

I was shocked when ma’am Velasco told this in front of us and it makes us all smile. We are just third year then and yet we are being hailed as the next big thing in our school and those words is really motivating and confidence booster. Ma’am also never forgets us. She actually helped us with our thesis (Thanks Ma’am).

“Etong Section na toh’ Napakapasaway!”
- Elmer De Guzman R.N

When sir told this, he is really on a bad mood as always. But what he never knew was it’s flattering on the other side. Well thats us and nothing will beat us! We are pasaway but we are proficient with our own capabilities. Thanks for the authentic remarks sir!

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