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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

114th Philippine Independence Day

It has been 114 years since the Philippine Independence has been proclaimed in General Emilio Aguinaldo (The Philippine's first President) house in Kawit, Cavite and it has been 114 years that filipino is rejoicing with their liberty.

As I walk down the street this day I have seen a lot of signs that reminds me of the holiday: It's Independence Day today and there are a lot of banners, streams, Philippine Flag replicas etc but let me say this my dear Pinoys Independence isn't the only day we can show the whole world that we are a true filipinos: Those who are Polite, Hospitable, Respectful, Hardworking, Enthusiastic etc and mostly Pinoy fights for their rights as long as they knew they're on the right track. Let the Filipino-ism be with you always.


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