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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My First Year in my Current Employer

from Grace Lutheran Church

August 20, 2012 when I stepped in the building of this company and started as a newbie or trainee. My first day has been so comfortable compared to my previous one as everybody has been so friendly and they're all approaching me to make friends. 

Everyday has been tremendous and our (me and my batch mates) bonding has been so solid as we ought to hang out at least weekly just to have some fun. We also have been in struggles that almost all of us are intimidated with some of our colleagues and we wanted to put some clash but we ought not to as we wanted to stand out professionals until we make it through. 

But as days go by, they're slowly being gone. I bet that this is not the field they wanted so they ought to find the path where they do belong and yes, we understand and I am happy that almost all of them were in a happy place now until only 3 (from 24) of us left.

We call ourselves the final 3 as we commend ourselves on staying and being happy still with what our employer is giving us aside from all the disappointments and struggles sometimes we still stood firm.

But one of us left and she is one of my best friend in this company and worst, she left 2 days before we shall celebrate our first year in the institution and I suddenly felt extreme sadness though there still one of my batch staying with me but I know that there might be a time that he or I might left.

I think these people became so important to me that I don't wanna lose them but who am I to stop them from what will make them happy? 

at the end of the day, I appreciate that these people still getting in touch with me somehow and I am just wishing for their success and I also wish that I could get through this somehow.

I suppose that I shouldn't leave yet. There are a lot of times I asked myself if I am  now ready to leave. There are lots of factor that triggers me to do so, but honestly my heart has been captured by this institution and I told myself to never leave unless I have made a great contribution here and I just hope that I could influence my one and only friend left.

somehow, I just celebrated my anniversary alone it's his (my sole batch mate left) rest day when August 20, 2013 came in, and I just stayed at home. what a Happy Anniversary then? lol but still, I am so glad and I am so proud to myself that I have made it in a year though there are lot of struggles, depression and desperation I have been through and cheers to that!

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