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Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Thesis Proposal

I know that this could be late but I still wanted to share my experience during my Thesis Proposal.

It was August 16, 2013 (Friday) and since it was my off at work I decided to go to school to submit my entry for thesis proposal and of course it is still for validation but the person who will validate if I am qualified or not is on vacation leave and so i have to go back by Monday in the afternoon but since I am working at night and I am asleep in the afternoon I confidently asked him if I could make it by Tuesday morning and we both agreed

August 20, 2013 (Tuesday) morning, I went to this person and present my thesis proposal and I was stunned. I am expecting that this person will be impressed as I believed I did my best to revise all the criticism of the panelist during the title proposal but I shouldn't expect I suppose. As this person have found a lot of flaws on my work and he is correct in all of it (He would,'t be the Research Coordinator if he is not) and I almost cry after leaving his office not because of the changes but the fact that I have to revise it and submit it within 3 days.
I beg for my managers approval to grant me 2 days leave but because of my poor current performance I was just granted one day emergency leave and so I seize that day to revise all the revisions I have to and after 12 hours of working, I have finally made it, revided it, printed it and folder-ed it and submitted it the day it is supposed to be. now I am scheduled for my thesis proposal a week after. August 23 (Friday) but there's a storm and the proposal was postponed for two weeks

and so it came, September 6, 2013 (Friday) at 9 in the morning, It's my turn. I entered this cold room with 5 panels waiting for me plus my dear adviser and my hands were actually bit shaky, aside from the fact that I am not that ready... I still don't have any sleep.. I came from work. 

after I set my powerpoint presentation

"Mr.Zerrudo, you may now start your presentation" said the dean, after she spieled his opening remarks   

and so I started with all my confidence, I tried to let them never know that I am not that prepared by just the confidence in my tone and after my 20 minutes presentation then there's the sudden death moment (it is their chance to speak, so you'll be dead suddenly).

Fortunately, there's nothing to revise that much in my study. It has been accepted by the panel it's just that I have to allocate my factors consequently and everything will be set

But then, after all the suggestions of the panel they made me realize how hard my study is... It actually sounds like it is just a merely easy one but they let me realize how much time i have to allocate for this. Oh? does it mean I have to leave from work for a month or so? ahehehe

well, for the mean time. Me and my friends decided to celebrate and there's another blog entry to come about that night .

But we and I had fun!!

I am so ready for the final defense!

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