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Friday, April 23, 2010

OPEN FORUM will only determine the real truth…

I can attest that most of us especially those with bunch of friends are always close to each other but despite of that closeness I’m sure that we are not that open to everybody.

People are human. Human are people and Human and People are us and we are a unique entity created by God. Thus, this uniqueness gives us seductive definition of why and how… and the way of how to answer it all is by talking and open forum usually takes place as a process of releasing your guts and sentiments.

One day in my life I woke up hating someone I used to like, and due to some misunderstandings the issue went big, and it went bigger when we reveal both sides but are not there eager to listen. But when the right time came in with the sue process of forgetting things are very easy to understand, every details went clearer and the sides are made visible in both parties eyes and later on we realized, we’ve been so immature, we’ve been very judge-mental not knowing that our views will really smash together.

OPEN FORUM helps whenever things bother you… Ambivalence (having 2 opposing sides) is very annoying as you really don’t know what you will believe. But when OPEN FORUM takes… with the presence of the parties involve you will surely determine which is which and who is who… OPEN FORUM really does reveal true identity and true friends.

OPEN FORUM might be a solution to solve conflict within a glee but OPEN FORUM could sometime reveal real personality that might end up clashing of the squad

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