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Friday, April 23, 2010

TRAVELLING really helps you move on..

After graduation I really want to travel… some place that is to far from where I am right now, to some place where people are not usual into my resentments, some place where people doesn’t know me, some place where my problems doesn’t exist.

I am invited by my high school friends to go out of town, and as a chance of escaping from reality I insist… and yes I want to escapes headaches just to graduate would like to boost out of my system, with the dynamic of personal life problems I really want to burst but I ought to be resilient… I want to relax.

The boracay/bohol/Puerto Gallera fantasy I’ve been insisting to them never happened as I attest that it will really spend a lot of money and with a fresh graduate like me, I don’t have that huge amount to deal with… so I go to a paradise 100+ kilometers away from manila and that paradise is on Bataan at Morong, Bataan.

It’s really funny that you tried to escape from the entire burden inside, although laugh on the first trip going there seems to have bitterness inside and it’s a clear thing that you really have to move on. But as the travel takes in and the gangs are asleep and you are witnessing the peaceful and wonderful scenery of nature it is normal to reminisce and sometimes it’s okay to cry silently because it’s a matter of accepting all the fact happened, and you will soon accept that there will be no return.

Thru the help of unusual food you are eating thru that travel it will help you boost out your stress, as food are really rich in nutrients we need, it will help you realize that there are other things you could possibly see as nice despite of your experiences.

And the view watching will make you be sentimental once again and with the aid of the sunset it looks like it’s now getting dark… it gets dark when we are over and all you can do is shout and release it all over.

And then search for liquor its antioxidants properties really help if there’s no liquor available then travel, you should keep yourself busy. And when you friends ask what happened then don’t refuse to boost it all… expressing it all is the best solution you could offer yourself. And surely burden will be lessening after all.

Then reminisce later on such as: it would be nice if you are here with me… why did you do this to me… I only want space… and suddenly you will realize that life is too beautiful for you to only think of him every minute and every second of your life. There will be surely a spot of fulfillment and realization of leaving the past.

And when you are on your way home, you will get comfortable unexpectedly.

This is a real story from an acquaintance and the appropriate word from him? A fighter…

Because you accept it, you realizes it, you sentiments it and as a result you want to be better as a beautiful life is awaiting ahead…. MOVE ON… relax and travel it really helps.


  1. so True,,, pag nag travel.. nakakawala ng stress.. pati sya makakalimutan mo!

  2. Most of your advice really helps.. are you kinda psychologist???

  3. oo nga ano??/ pagkakaalam ko nurse po kayo...

  4. ahaha... may mga bagay talaga na pag naranasan e maari namang ishare diba?/ opo Nursinbg Grad po ako.. at ang mga nurse ay may empathic approach!! Compliment ba??? built by experiences siguro at pagpapalawak ng isip..

    thanks po...

  5. Tamaaahhh!!! Nurse have a soft heart talaga!!


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