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Friday, April 23, 2010


Recently, April 6, 2010, Tuesday...I hosted my new section’s farewell party entitled ‘LANGOY 4B! LANGOY!’ as this event simulated with a private swimming party for all of us.

Bunch of funs accompany us as almost all of us are present and nice foods are being served (di kame nagutom haha) for lunch and merienda (p.m snack) and with the joy of singing on the videoke the part gone lively.

When we are having our snacks we decided to held the program prepared by my co-program comitee as always: my partners Jhinky and Gherick at sa lahat ng swimming party kame lang ang may ganito.

Opened by our chief administrators Ate I and Kuya Ken we disseminate the focal point of the program; the awarding of the certificate (as me as the mastermind) to recognize their trademark as a person known by all of us… as a mastermind; it is accomplished by garnering information from some person that I know they do know well of their friends and the program never turns into failure but the opposite.

It’s very much amazing recognizing their personality that will later on conclude ‘oo nga! Haha ganun nga pala siya..’ it’s a form of a simple appreciation that ‘thanks, I really felt your existence in my life! And you are a true 4B’
Then the valsalva and leopold’s maneuver (our dance group, built by me) offers their dance (choreograph by me and mariel)… a 4B’s trademark of being a nice entertainer wherever we go.

This mellow-dramatic yet full of joy program was then closed by our Class President Harlene reflecting her nice experiences with us. And right then, we felt the intactness built by those facts who tries to provoke us before (we thank them anyway)
And then, the fun continues…

Thanks 4B for a wonderful party and I just hope this party is the initiator of annual get together of better per month haha…

I just hope to be with 3-I soon… Miss you ol guys!

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