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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Graduation Day (March 29, 2010)

(March 29, 2010; BuLSU Activity Center @ 8:00 a.m)

I was late in our graduation when I was in kinder, I am also late in my elementary graduation, I'm late as well when i just had my high school grad... and tomorrow is my college graduation, will it be consistent? or will it be a legend through all my graduations??

This was my post on my facebook account the night before our graduation day. I really don’t want to be late during my graduation but I got late always. I tried to sleep earlier than my usual sleep hour but my eyes doesn’t want to fall asleep, it seems like I’m a bit curious of what will happen for the day after, what if I got late? Will it indicate that I’m cursed that during my commencement day I will be forever late?? Until I fall asleep and then my eyes suddenly opened at the exact hour I wanted too and then I concluded “I won’t be late! Destiny is on my side!” and to cooperate with the statement above this graduation day of mine is a legend among the others.

Yes! It’s a legend, a prodigy, a phenomenon because I graduated with sweet victorious chronicle. It’s been 4 days when I confirmed that I will march and it’s been 4 days that I’ve learned a very important lesson in my life and this graduation is that legendary, prodigy and a phenomenon because it leaves me a lesson that will surely be treasured through all my life… and that’s how sweet it is telling myself “etoh na lord, eto na ang bunga ng pinaghirapan ko.. Thanks!” upon entering the scene of marching the processionals of graduation.

During that very important event I got sentimental all of a sudden concluding I won’t be a student anymore and this student will be now unemployed in status, no more discounts on jeepneys, no more excuses of ‘gagawa ng case study’ but the truth ‘gagala lang naman talaga’ no more alibi sa prof na ‘e masakit po ang tyan ko kaya dip o ako nakapasok’ although the truth is I just woke up late and many more things that I will surely miss but the thing that makes me more sad is the fact that I will be off my friends.

We might say “walang iwanan ha… keep in touch parin’ but we can never can tell… we all have our life to fulfill in success and we shall never be a barrier for that but then I was hoping that we will keep in touch as intact as we needed because my friends is the color fulfill the hue, contrast and brightness of my life especially the life where I’ve learned and matured the most: My college life.

I never even wonder why my friends approaches after the event and cry while hugging her, I know she felt the same way too that after fulfilling something there will be an imbursement for it. But life must go on and we should seize every day we will be having because this is not the end. It’s only the start of being what we will be, because everything is just a start there will be infinite end.

I know that through the efforts we pursue we will surely make it, for every storm we been through future things will be effortless to do. Aim up high my future Nurses... strive for the best and I must say that we will surely pass and top the board exam.

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