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Friday, March 26, 2010

How thriving am I to be a graduate…

“Sorry pero …” my world almost collapses when I received this text message from my prof in one of my tutorial subjects. This tutorial subject was enrolled (by me of course) last semester to compel my lack of units in Filipino which I only found out before I step on to fourth year. And now, it’s only 2 weeks before graduation I received this note that I will never march on March.
The reason is not academically based but because of my lack in attendance to him, well I’m guilty that we can count the times we met but I thought that’s how tutorial class was. I was having a busy schedule thus tutorial class shouldn’t be the last priority in that as explained to me by the registrar.
I never told anyone but HONEY (my friend and a 3i) I was asking for some help and she did a big help of advices to me as she really boost my confidence that I can make it through….
I went to our OIC Mrs. Loida Crespo RN MSN MaEd to seek for help and together with Ma’am Magdalena Soyosa they called and referred me to Ma’am Myline Libiran of the Registrar and she referred me to Mr. Vic Ramos the Dean of IAL and went next to Mrs. Joson the head of Filipino department as my last stop.
I explained my part to Mrs. Joson and she gave me her opinion that if she is in the position, she’ll never give me a consideration. But by fixing the misunderstanding between the two scenarios she understands it all and decided to talk to my professor that my concerns are legal to be given a consideration. And after a few days of waiting my professor asked “Kailana ka pwede mag exam?” upon reading that my face traced a huge smile.
I make the exam through with flying scores. Thus it should be an indicator that I must pass it probably and after lunch of that day I received my TOGA (academic gown) wherein I’m the only who can never claim it so far.
Its 4 days before graduation day when I heard this happy news that I will be a graduate of this batch. I’m so happy that I will be a graduate of the day I expected March 29, 2010. But before graduating an obstacle comes first. It’s really nice that this obstacle came in though I almost cry and loose my hope, I never even anticipated that this challenge wants me to refrain my mind that in life we should always be responsible of our acts that reminds me of the very important thing I learned in this college days of mine: ALWAYS KEEP RIGHT

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