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Friday, March 26, 2010

COPAR Thanksgiving…

For every work and every cooperation and so as the appreciation there must be a thank you in each of it. Thus, BulSU – CON particularly 4th year students sections A, B and F work on to held a thanksgiving program for Baranggay Sta. Ana, bulacan, bulacan

Going back to our Community Organizing Participatory Activity Research (COPAR) community diagnosis (BSN 4A and 4B) and data presentation and interventions (BSN 4F) the baranggay sta.ana actively involve themselves to solve these foresee n problems and continually implemented to their baranggay. In line with this we would like to express our deepest gratitude by entertaining them and giving them fun and it was all set last March 18, 2010

We left the school by 1:00 p.m after having our practices of program in the morning. And we depart at sta.ana by past 2. Materials are not rendered and so as we ask help from the baranggay officials that made us anticipate that the program wouldn’t be made that day and so we wait for some signs before we set ourselves ready until all materials went as a package and make us hustle in the dressing area, in fact the program started even when the performers are not yet ready but still, the show must go on and I can say that it all went well.

Each sections prepare a song and dance number to be shared at the baranggay people of sta. ana and our section (BSN 4B) presented our Dance Presentation through our built group named Valsalva Maneuvers (comprises the boys of the section) and the Leopold’s Maneuvers (some girls of the gang), the Hurados (vice Ganda, Miriam Quiambao and Aling Dionisia) and for the song number was greatly done by the new created singing group Primma Donnas (gherick, Me, Xam and Mary) singing as a group… and I’m proud to say that I organized it all from the choreography, sounds, concept etc etc and once again BSN 4B was hailed of its dedicated and creative performance but in spite of that it really hits the humor of our audiences.

It’s a nice privilege to hail such program like this because despite of showing our hidden talents and creativity it really helps remain our section intact as one.

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