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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


While waiting for negotiation of my sister and the clerk for my new laptop, I really can’t help but I need to pass away my urine so I impulsively go to the CR of that 5th floor in SM-Annex. I am alone as I enter the said comfort room obviously when I saw a back of longed haired entity standing against me. I thought I was in the wrong comfort room and it really made me stop and think “will a real woman urinate in a standing manner?” then I understand that the one who’s standing is a gay and he is urinating at the urinal.

I went over the vacant cubicle and release my urgency right after I go to the sink to wash off my hands where the gay do the same thing. You’ll never even really thought he is a gay as he really resembles like a woman… then he asks the janitor “wala na bang tissue pare?” and his voice is very huge. It made me smile, and then I’m off.
That gay is very brave. Other gays will use girls comfort room often but in his case, though he resembles like a woman (although not in voice) he really knew where he should be.

I think it’s one of the factor that gay people are being accepted by the population; because gay know that they are gay… they’re only emotionally girl but biologically not unlike others who keep on insisting that they are just like this while they’re really not.
I admire that gay for his braveness; I just hope that this inspires others too. Gay people might crossed the line but still, a part if that line was still being carried and most of the time with care.

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