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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seminar on applause!

To compel our subject Leadesrhip and Management all Level 4 students each section grouped in to two are tasked to held a seminar with a given time frame and mechanics. and through several convection we get decided of Nursing Research... and my sections other group get decided of IMCI. these subjects are proposed by our chosen guest speakers: Mr. Redner Pondang (IMCI/ SRG Reviewer) and Mr. Earl Francis Sumile (NR/PMART Reviewer).

Toxic Schedule since January must complied to promote perfection of the seminar. We chose our resource speaker at least a month before and so as the committees. I was elected as the Program Chairman thus I'll be the host and the whole process of the seminar proper will rely on me... sounds toxic.

The first week of our preparation settled the alleged selection of guest speakers, committees and so as the identifications of things needed.

Second week relies on the proposals in terms of budget and so as the program, letter proposals etc which i did.

Third week emphasized verifaction of data, regarding program, invitations, tickets, certificates etc.

Fourth week is the most toxic as this encounters inviting the participants (I did it! I'm proud haha) settling honorarium, disseminating invitations etc..

The last two day before the seminar complies with meeting of the seminars guidelines of which is which

and The last day comes the arrangement of the venue and so as the rehearsals.

and I'm so glad that thru the hardships we've encountered it is obviously went well as feedback of the participants proves.

It's my first time to host and ran a convention or a program and I'm very honored and very glad that this convention is close to perfection.....

Thank you very much to all of my dear members and classmates for undying support with each team. this project really test our friendship and i would say that we are all true friends.....

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