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Thursday, March 18, 2010

MOCK BOARD EXAM… I was surprised!

Enough preparation for certain exam will always be an expectation of mine. Several days before our diagnostics and achievement exam will always be announced before we take it. But I was astounded when I heard such news and that news that we will be having an exam for the day after and that examination isn’t an ordinary examination because that exam will be our MOCK Board Examination for our review classes.

MOCK BOARD is the examination very much similar to the real board exam. Wherein we will be assessed if we can make it or not but how can we surely make it if haven’t enough preparation to be sure of? But what can I do now? What’s done is done.
Instead of tensing myself I did nothing but relax. I opened my notes but I’m so lazy to scan it all thus I only view those topics that gave me such confusions for the previous examinations especially drugs, Estrogen and Progesterone’s role, Glasgow coma scale (sorry to say haha) etc. and after a while I just browse my net and surf for fun… I bet it’s better idea than pressuring myself to review while my memory doesn’t have much capacity I would only be stressed with it and worse it might cause confusion the day after.

I just gave my best shot while taking the exam. Rationalizing all of it with the best of my capabilities. I just hope that it’ll result to something good for I can tell myself if I’m ready to take it or not.

For my batch mate, I know we often had similar scenarios and let us pray that through hazards there will be way out…

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