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Friday, March 26, 2010


I remember so well when I was just starting my college here at BULSU.. I never really wanted my course Bachelor in secondary education major in physical sciences (physics and chemistry) so I take the shifters exam for nursing and I passed.

My relatives doesn’t want me to pursue nursing anymore as they saw my good performance taking up education but that never intimidates me, I enrolled nursing without them even knowing and they can’t do anything… I’m enrolled! I recall that day when I started to nursing as BSN 1F I don’t have any friends there, I’m an irregular thus it’s so hard to catch up with my classmates but I tried.

BSN 1F for me is the section that makes me learn that people doesn’t always please me to be their friends and I learned how to use my socializing skills with them and with their humor of inviting me “Huy, tara sama ka samin” it’s really overwhelming that people really appreciates your existence and as the year goes by I get with them closer.

BSN 2F is my second section after reshuffling and being recognized with my nasty jokes I was designated to be the president of the class after the resignation of our president. Responsibility accounts when I was in 2i and it’s nice to know that all of my fellow 2i’s are my classmate in summer class thus almost all of them are friend of mine and ruling is not that difficult. I must say that this section is very cooperative and I never heard any bad feedback from them on me. This section builds me up as a good leader.

BSN 2i (2nd sem) was reformed as another reshuffle occurs and I was astounded that for the second time, this section elected me as their president. 90% of the section are new faces to me thus my friendly capabilities never shown at first, I am shy whenever I’m about to lead the class and I know that there are feedbacks from them that they shouldn’t vote me for president at first. But this section makes me realize that friends where you use to hang with isn’t the only friends available in the world and right after I became friends with the group dominates the class and then, my performance as the president of the class gets better. And so as the friendship get’s better until we became 3i, this section really reminds me of true friendship and virtue of self competitiveness.

We are being dissolved and is disseminated from 3A to 3H and I together with Chi, Gherick and mariel were destined to BSN 3B… cold welcome was given and we are not that comfortable with the section and it seems like that we are the only persons can relate to each other. My leadership skills muted because they never rendered responsibilities to us except on our thesis as I am the leader of our group. We are group mates; the four of us until we all get to know each other better. Those people I have bad impressions are now considered as my bests friends (how rude) and people whom I thought I wouldn’t get along with are now always on my side. Leadership also accounts but not as the officer of the class. My creativity started to showcase as I am tasked to direct our cOPAR play and organize the intermission number and through good feedbacks it all bears other opportunities as I am held as the chairman and host of our seminar’s program comitee and next is for the thanksgiving in COPAR that again went through with flying applause! And I must say that this section really boost all my hidden talents.

All through my college life I learned different but nice things and who wouldn’t even be sad that you are now taking off the path that divulges the real you? Especially the bondings you had with your friends through ups and downs and happiness and sorrows. Now, I had so many friends that might say that I changed but I know it’s for better not for the worse.

Many said that when you graduated high school your tears will surely plunge down but I bet not because the phase of my life that build me up is my college life… I will surely miss it, I will surely miss you guys, if we can only put back time again… but we have our different life, time always passess by and we would have to go….
A big THANK YOU… you are all a part of one of the most wonderful phase of my life.

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