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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Application for PRC (NLEX)

The last 2 weeks went very tiring and jostle for us as the requirements for the getting nearer July 2010 board exam must be rendered soon for the scheduled application in PRC on April 29, 2010, Thursday at the Paskuhan Village at San Fernando Pampanga.

But it seems like the most tiring part of the above all requirements is the required cases as it requires no mistake/s to be able to qualify for the said exam and to make it all perfect our clinical instructors helped us by checking it all before signing it off for approval, but that was not that easy… Easy is never been used word for carrying out those cases because as of that moment? Patience will be our virtue.

I never even can count how many times did I revised my cases before making it all accessible to qualify for the PRC, and I almost surrender but I know I won’t. I just bear in my mind that I must finish this on the right time, I have my dreams to fulfill and so did I.

It is less than a day before the filing up for application when I finished all the requirements I’ll be needing (thanks for the help of my friends) and it keeps me more inspired to pursue as moment varies with my circumstances.

We left bulacan at around past 5 a.m. so we will surely finish filing on the same date. And I was mesmerized as there are lots of people on the venue filing also for application of NLEX. Friends entertain us of what to do. So we get the number at the security guard but sad to say this number isn’t followed by most of the students but it makes us finished all the requirements earlier. As earlier from those who were there earlier from us and so, we consider ourselves lucky.

I really can’t help but smile when I am heading next on the last part of the transaction and it seems like such voices whispers certain words of encouragements to me “etoh! Na… exam nalang ang kulang, konti nalang!!” (This is it! All you need is the examination, ur a step closer!) and what a relief when all are settled … I wanna cry.. but that was too exaggerated.

We (chi, gherick and so as my other friend Patrick) decided to celebrate it on the nearest mall by the area. We ate our lunch there and do videoke singing on one of the arcade spot and after realizing that we have to take a rest.. we decided to get home.
Funny how it seems that all of us never talked to each other when we get on the bus because we are all sleeping and as I woke up, I’m in malolos na… I have to get off the bus nap ala.. haha.

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