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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Ex Matters…

as I said before I am (will I say former now?) a member of our college's official publication paper known as 'Nurses Notes' but I wasn't aware of the issuance of the next issue as I'm not that active now sue to our busy days preparing for the boards.

But as a status of currently moving on, I actually passed a literary article there particularly a short story about an ex-lovers meeting up for the last time, I would like to emphasize how an 'ex-lovers' would catch up letting go and moving on...

This article was inspired by such people having difficuilty moving on, and how about meeting you ex-lover? will it showcase you still want him back? or will it state that you want a good closure between the two of you the accordung to If you find yourself ready to meet up with your ex, it can be a little strange as you anticipate seeing them again. Find out how you can meet up with them and keep things under control by following these steps.

1. Talk over the phone first, straightening out any tensions that are still left between you two.

2.Agree to meet. Keep this part of the conversation short and upbeat.

3.Meet them in a low-stress environment or in a comfortable public place.

4.Talk as if you were talking to a friend, and try not to bring up any memories of your relationship that could cause nostalgia or even pain.

5.Be as natural as possible when meeting with your ex and try to act as if they are a really good friend. Don't show them you care too much or they might mistake it as a sign that you want to get back together

I don't know if this article (i passed) would be published but, I want it to share na, so here it is. I presume clicking on a soundtrack provided to feel the emotion of every character... thanks and enjoy reading

“Oh, Hi” I answered the phone wherein at first I really don’t know what to say as I discerned it was him; Vince, my ex. It’s been 6 months since he broke up with me and of course it conveyed so much pain and heartaches as it took me a long time to pull through but with the aid of time I did, time really does heal all wounds. Now, he is talking to me through the phone as if nothing happened, nobody’s injured, no one’s affected. “I just wonder if we could meet for lunch tomorrow” he said unpredictably. I really never anticipated he would say those words and it’s very funny that I agreed upon his invitation. Out of the blue after few instances it makes me wonder and ask why; why does he want us to meet? What’s on his mind? Does he have anything to confess? Does he want us to get back together? (Do I want us to get back together?) Does he have huge news to say? Is he sick? Was it fatal? Or maybe he is getting married? And I’m invited to the wedding? Is he gay? Well, I always doubt.

But then afterwards he finally stated the reason why and it’s a bit shallower. He just wanted to say hi and see how am I doing, so I agreed and I think there’s no reason to decline anyway and so we met.

“How are you?” he asked, after I sat on the table of the resto (the place we settled to meet at) his first inquiry that only makes me smile as I really don’t know what to say. I can’t say I’m not okay; He might think I didn’t move on yet. I can’t say I’m fine either as scars is still there but currently healing. It’s very uncomfortable talking with you ex but it all fades when I saw his genuineness of ending it all up in a fastidious way through efforts so I think I shouldn’t act uncomfortable.

We chat for several hours laughing almost the whole time and I’m glad that were not mindful talking with each other after what’ve happened. We also talk about some throbbing certainties about our relationship and I could say that ‘yes there are still few tears’ but at this moment, these tears were not tears of hurt nor regret but the tears you may shed after you have realized that you really make it through and it’s now a step closer.

During that lunch, I remember all the reasons why I fell in love with him but then I saw all the reasons why we never work much clearer.

I fell in love with him of course. He really gave me such special attention I am longing for… he is very thoughtful and he is a perfect gentleman and maybe those are the facts that makes me so hurt when we separate our ways. I heard all his reasons and so it’s all up to me if I’ll consider it all.

“We broke up but it doesn’t mean that our friendships gone” he plead guilty “I did loved you Angelica, but we never worked out and I wanted to end it all and start a new beginning for the two of us as good friends”

Right after, we discussed the suitable way of how we must end as an ex-lover. Shall we kiss? (Where?) Shall we hug? Or simply we’ll shake hands? – However, we decided to end it up with a big hug then from a distance, before we thoroughly separate we’ll have a friendly wave of goodbye.

Isn’t it ironic that two ex-lovers will be good friends in the end? But we did, it won’t hurt if we will. It only divulges that our hearts full-blown. Pain and fury vanished and now, a new beginning must commence to flee from our young hearts before. And my secret recipe is acceptance. Acceptance that it’s me who makes the tiny whole grow and acceptance that I will be the instrument to close it and realize there’s no sense divulging it.

We decided to separate ways as we left the restaurant, and as I walked away from him I really feel that my airway dilates and make me breath more easily and it seems like a burden inside were finally released.

But the funny thing; Because of the joy I am currently feeling I suddenly realized I forgot to wave goodbye. (inspired by Who Stole my Magic by Jenny Manuel)


  1. masarap sa pakiramdam yung ganto.. nangyari na ito sakin at sobrang sad nung wala kameng formal break up pero nung nag usap kame parang biglang may sumampal sakin para magising sa katotohanan...

  2. Mag Post ka pa ng mga inspiring Stories nio like this... thanks ang sarap basahin e

  3. yun lang naman ang gusto ng puso after break up yung malinawan, kasi kung hindi mababaliw ka...

  4. Yeah! i thought etong blog na ito e puro nursing lang ang laman,, well ang nursing ay tao rin... lahat ng umiikot sa mundo nararamdaman din natin..

    Nice blog! I'll keep on supporting!

  5. thanks po... nakakataba naman ng damdamin... 90% of the blog contents are true to life experiences kaya po mejo nakakasapul talaga...

    You people who supports us realled serves as our inspiration.. Pagiigtingin pa po namin and keep on supporting...

  6. idol ko po ang mga literary works nio! sana po maging mentor ko kayo sa mga blog ko about literary...


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