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Saturday, May 29, 2010

First time to be on TOP list...

I never even anticipated it. and i presume nobody knows as well, it's very nice thing that not academically known students of our institution can now go with the flow of aiming for the best: and that is to top the board exam.

I never get on top when i was in PMART, maybe because i'm just starting then... I almost made it before on fundamentals of nursing diagnostics exam but I'm a 3 points behind the last spot and then on Pediatrics Nursing Diagnostic Exam but the last spot gained 60+ and i'm a point under.

but with due motivation and study habits changes i decided to give my best on my new review and show to myself how much i can do... other school usually top the first exams... but these last exams we take? Our dear alma mater gained almost all the spots consecutively... and for the last exam a while ago Our college gains the top 3 spots announced. 45 is the highest (Clap... with reward) 44 is the second one (got by the last exams topnotcher) and followed by ..................ME??? when sir announced who got 43 i raised my hand as it is my score and no one follows... he said "Very Good, from BSU again" and then my friends started to tease me...

i really couldnt believe that i could top despite of all that 300 students and it really bust my inspiration on doing it better.. if i could be on top among 300 students who i believe are knowledgeable than me then i can make it to the board exam right?

this is not to show everybody or boast my achievement to everybody but to inspire that an ordinary person can make things which we thought impossible.

and then it formulates my goal --> TO TOP THE BOARD EXAM!

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