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Friday, April 23, 2010


I salute the Philippine Supreme Court when they approved and announced recently on national television that the ever controversial “Ang Ladlad” party list is now considered and included in to the May 10 first ever automated national election as a candidate for the alleged position.

But as expected several parties will react upon that particularly those who tried to block their chances in the Philippine congress such as the Catholic Church and the COMELEC who disqualified it before. The reason behind their allegation states that homosexuality is not moral and is written in the holy name of bible that they were sinful being but if they only knew, they never chose to be that type.

I am more maneuvered when I read in the newspaper when Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez, chair of the committee on public affairs of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, said the Catholic Church disagreed with the Supreme Court ruling [that Ang Ladlad can take part in the May 10 elections].

He added that accrediting Ang Ladlad as a party-list group would encourage an “abnormality.”
“We recognize them, respect them, but their situation is an abnormality. Allowing them to have a chance to take a seat in Congress is approving and encouraging an abnormality which is unnatural,” Iniguez told reporters.

When asked if he would campaign against Ang Ladlad, he said that he would discourage those who sought his counsel from voting for the group. (

I really can’t imagine that a spiritual body could tell this to all of HIS fellows all opinion especially sensitive issues like this can be said and done in a nicer way and I think not condemning people’s integrity. Walking down into Philippines congress doesn’t mean that this party list group would like to rule over the country, it’s just a matter of they want their voices not to be remain silent although they want to burst it all out.

They are just an ordinary people who would like to have equal rights for everybody even they’re a third gender class. If you really respect them then stop uttering words that might spoil ego and might spoil the image you are portraying, especially the image of HIM. If you really understand and respect as what you’ve say then it wouldn’t hurt if you just let this simple purpose of making it to the congress than telling everybody that your intention is right while you are stepping on others shadows.

Reflect on it. This is an opinion.

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