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Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Bar in Makati Discriminates Gay People

It’s been 3 years since I wrote an article about gay discrimination here in the Philippines and it involve a famous icon Rustom Padilla who became Bebe Gandanghari (here is the link: Bebe Gandanghari flunked out of a Bar ) who allegedly wasn't allowed to enter a bar in Metro Manila just because he is a transsexual, he is wearing a girls outfit and it happened that the bar never allows these kind of people to be a customer.

It happened again and It is actually almost the same scenario but this time, It involves 5 Gay transsexuals (some of them are foreigners) and they experienced this discriminating moment when they were not permitted to enter a bar in Makati just because they’re wearing girl stuff too and it has been clear with the bar policy that cross dressers are not allowed to enter the bar. But, what mesmerized me were: What's with that Policy? what valid reason could they provide us why they're doing it? Homophobic much? they shouldn’t call it bar instead right? Because bars suppose to welcome everyone who wanted to be entertained!

What happened to the 5 trannies is really humiliating because they didn’t do any harm to the bar and yet they received that kind of treatment. Imagine the guards are even mocking these people? how crap the management of this bar is?

I will support and encourage these trannies to sue the management of this club and make it close for good. These people who doesn’t honor a simple respect and human rights must know the consequences and this kind of bar shouldn’t be devoured and supported anyway.

here's the video from GMA news: Unang Hirit about the issue and some opinions about the issue as well

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