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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Moved In

Back Pains... Ouch! Yeah, because we just moved in our new house. We were renting a unit of an apartment before and now we moved in our newest pad, yeah we are still renting but this time it is literally a house and it's bigger and better and more complete than what we had before.

I can even remember how many times I experienced moving. I was born in Bocaue, Bulacan but we transferred to a different baranggay when I was 3. After 3 more years we moved into Marilao, Bulacan and another 7 years due to some unwanted thing happened we moved in Guiguinto, Bulacan. another thing happened after 4 years so we moved into other house somewhere in Guiguinto also and after 3 years we decided to live on our own and transferred in a small place somewhere in Guiguinto too. But we are not satisfied with the facilities of that apartment thus, we moved into a better one after 2 months. and then now, after 3 years of staying with that apartment we moved to a better one.

What I actually hate about it is that I hate relocating because when I am about to get used of the environment I am having then that's the time we are about to move but I don't have a choice plus the back pains because of heavy equipment and things we have to bring over.

But above all the instances that we moved into another place, I think this is the time when it feels so light. I mean I am not excited but it seems like I really welcome and I feel so welcome with our new place.

I've been into many places before but I never consider that as inconsistent part of me, I consider that as a new chapter and a new beginning in my life. So that I can make things a lot better than the usual. 

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