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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


(note: this blog entry is not actually against all the filipino american out there, you know I love every Filipinos. It's just that my nasty minds brought me in the equation: FIL + AM = FIL AM you'll find the answer at the bottom of the page)

“OMG, he’s staring at me when I am talking to somebody else a while ago…” the girl from the other table said and let’s call her Rizza

“How’d you know?” her friend Pat (not their real name of course!) asks her

“I saw him, he is staring at me and he is smiling like day dreaming!” Rizza narrates what she just saw

“Oh my God! I confirm that he really had a crush on you!” Pat said

“Don’t tease me girl!” as if the girl don’t like what pat told her “He’s so cute kaya!”

“Why not? You’re pretty naman? You look good together” and I think that’s what she’s longing for to hear from Pat.

And upon hearing that kind of conversation I can’t help but run my bitchiness again as I whisper “Pretty? In what part?” well there are certain people who tell her she’s pretty, there’s a lot of guys who approaches her but does it mean these guys are attracted to her? Can’t she just consider the fact that they just wanted to be nice or just wanted to be friends with her? Rather than assuming that they all had a crush on her.

“Oh my God! I’m so Kilig! He texted me!” they even exchange messages too; the guy who she assumes staring at her because she said this particular guy likes her

But when I saw this guy at some part of the venue, he is flirting with his girlfriend and suddenly Rizza came in, she saw everything she just say ‘hi’ to that guy and left and I can see that she is really disappointed with what she saw.

Now, what I just realized is that sometimes we don’t have to put a lot of colors to the picture because that might result into exaggeration and disappointing result why not in every color you will put  take back and look if it is enough, remember everything should be done in moderation.

For Rizza stop overeacting, try to look at the mirror you are not Goddess of beauty thus not all guys will be attracted to you. Haha? Who am I to say this? I’m not good looking either but I know where will I be at.

And to that guy, I mean to all of the guys flirting Rizza. Stop being flirtatious! You are fooling 3 persons here. Your girlfriend because you are cheating, you are also fooling Rizza because she is expecting something from you and she assumes she is so attractive that you are so interested of her and you are fooling yourselves too.

So the morale of the story? Stop being a FIL-AM!! 50% Filingera (Feeling So Pretty) and 50% Ambisyosa (Ambitious)

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