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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Now, the Chief Justice was impeached, Can now PNOY focus on the Economy?

Recently, the Chief Justice of the Philippines was impeached in favor of 19 senators who voted for it while 3 senators were against the impeachment and wanted to acquit former chief justice Renato Corona. That Impeachment trial has been talk of the town for several months and at first it seems like everything about the impeachment is none sense so it must stop abruptly, not until the surprising verdict of the senators, some says that the decision of these senators is because of the 2013 election because these senators are about to run again and since the majority of Filipino were pro-impeachment of Mr. Corona they just rely on it so they would have their sympathy on the upcoming election, that’s how politics goes here the Philippines.

Anyway, it has been several months since the beginning of the trial and it ended just recently but nothing’s happened; the economy is still down, poverty are rising and there’s more unemployed Filipinos now and all I can hear from the dear president is about the verdict about Mr. Corona. He actually been in London, England and one of his agenda to talk with the ambassadors there is about the impeachment for Mr. Corona, Wew! He is proud about how crazy the politics in the Philippines huh?! Well it doesn’t make him good looking anyway because according to the latest survey his rating even after the impeachment is consistently going down. Ow Mr. President you are not a PRO here, you are the president of the country and you must do something about this and please stop bragging it won’t make the economy grow, it won’t make jobs for our countrymen.

I am not actually an anti government here but what’s happening now makes me be one and I never been like this with the previous administrations. Mr. President if you can’t do anything about it just be humble and stop making things that might cause people to hate you.
And now, your wish was commanded (the chief justice conviction) then please, focus with our economy, other countries are feeling it too.

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