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Sunday, June 3, 2012

How are you during break ups?

This post doesn’t mean that I’ve been to break up well, I actually never been there… but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have any idea of the feelings, my heart was also broken before and yeah it hurts, it sucks as if you don’t know what it takes just to get rid of that hurt, what you only know is just you wanted to move on but destiny never fails to reminds you of him or her.

But do you still remember how you were during your most tremendous moments after break up? Well, here’s how. I have found this video on youtube and damn, everything is factual! I commend the one who did this as it really happens.

But my aim is not to just share it but reflect on it and maybe upon watching this you might say ‘yeah! I did that before, but why? I am strong anyway… because I get through it! and next time, I don’t have to be that way again, yeah it’ll be sad but never the same way again, because now I know how to get over”

And soon, I’m gonna post the smart guide to survive heartbreaks..:)

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