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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Congratulations Jessica Sanchez!

I never been so attached to American Idol this time as my schedule is contrast to it, that is why I couldn't update you guys regarding the show. I've been very busy and tired but I was never failed to hear some news regarding the progress of the show and so as with the dominance of this young filipino-mexican-american Jessica Sanchez, a 16 year old.

Jessica almost flank out before but the judges saved her and she progress and came up with the final two for the season.

Jessica did not win but for every heart of filipino, she is still our champion because just making it to american idol has been a pride what more when she landed on the second spot? although there are some bitters who really can't accept her loss haha :) But congratulations to Phillip Phillips though, he deserves the title as well.

Anyway, These are my favorite performances of Jessica...(it's just my opinion, okay? :) )

#10 LOVE YOU I DO (Jennifer Hudson)

#9 TURN THE BEAT AROUND (Vicki Sue Robinson)

#8 SWEET DREAMS (Beyonce)


# 6 DANCE WITH MY FATHER (Luther Vandross)

#5 AND I'M TELLING YOU (Jennifer Holiday)


#3 I HAVE NOTHING (Whitney Houston)

#2 I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU (Whitney Houston)

#1 MY ALL (Mariah Carey)

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