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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Religious Group wants to Ban Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is indeed one of the most powerful music icons nowadays and maybe that is because she is really being true. She does whatever she wanted to do and no one can stop her from doing it.

There are a lot of rumors which aim is of course to get Gaga down such as Lady Gaga is a man, Lady Gaga is a Satanist but these never stops people from loving her more.

Now, I don’t know why religious group here in the Philippines wanted to ban this awesome lady for her concert tomorrow May 21, 2012 in SM Arena in Pasay… They say that Lady Gaga is not welcome here in the Philippines because she is anti-Christ, a bad example to the children and does hilarious, morbid, gross and unacceptable manners. So what? Then don’t watch her concert then. duh?!

Filipinos, we have different beliefs and let us respect one another with that. How about the people who idolizes her and wanted to watch her then? and besides we are big enough to decide whether to watch or not, imitate or not, follow her or not, right? And if you wanted to be respected then respect other people too.. and I am not only pertaining you to respect Gaga with that. She never did any harm to you right? She doesn’t even say any bad words against you guys, and she isn’t forcing you to like her or worship her though… Just let her do her thing and so do you.

Anyway, I actually wanted to see her concert by My God Ticket Price is like my one month Pay! Lol… for those who is very fortunate and will watch, I hope you’ll enjoy! Well, I do know that the concert will be another remarkable in Gaga history.  

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