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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Just A Pretty Face

from adnanramin

He look so nice, he is not that so handsome actually he is not that heartthrob but he really has a pretty face. I seldom commend people on having a good face but I so envy this man’s face. It is so fair; a face that you may want to look in the mirror all the time. I was so intimidated.

Look! I am not having gay feelings to this guy and I am not worshipping this guy either. I just wanted to commend him about the asset that he has. Sometimes, I wanted to talk to him and ask him what is his secret thus I can do it as well but it seems like I don’t have the guts to talk to him. I just admire him secretly.

But the attitude of this guy is a total turn off. I visited one my previous team mate in her new desk and have a nice chit chat then when a gay guy visited us, he is one of our friends too and he is a bit louder than me.

This gay guy has a huge crush to this Pretty Face and I mock our dear friend (let us call her Sandy) to introduce this gay friend (let us call him Jay) to Mr.Pretty Face and suddenly Mr.Pretty Face is walking towards our place, Jay went on distance and turn his back as he is so shy with his presence.

Mr.Pretty Face asked me questions about our product as I am more tenured of him and so I answered him back with all my might but before he went off Sandy stopped her and said

“May ipapakilala ako sayo” (I have to introduce you to somebody) says Sandy

Mr.Pretty Face smiled and answer back “Sino? Bakla na naman ba yan?” (Who? Is that another gay guy again?”

I was so shocked with how he answers back and I can feel the sarcasm with his voice. I suddenly looked at Jay and I can sense the disappointment in his face and I feel him.

Sandy said “Ayan oh, si Jay” she pointed out Jay’s direction and Jay just smiled as a courtesy.

In fairness to him he smiled back and say “Hi Jay” maybe because Jay is one of our supervisors and he is respecting him however for me, what he said a while ago is so unbecoming and very arrogant.

“Ang Yabang!” (so arrogant) Jay told me as we headed home together, and the rest of his words is like Broken heartedness

And I feel him, he might have a beautiful face but though it is just a joke it is still not right. I told Sandy about the disappointment of Jay and I told him to tell it to Mr.Pretty Face so he will not do it again with other gays. I know that nobody is perfect thus I wanted him to know about this matter and so he is aware that what he did is not right and is so offensive.

But then, it seems like Mr.Pretty Face does not seem to mind he just answered sandy “It’s not my problem” and walks out.

I just hope that his pretty face is not just to hide his greedy attitude I am still hoping that I just have a bad impression and it will soon fades. Sigh don’t be like him my dear friends, no matter how we look, let us always stay humble and pay respect to every individual: Men, Women, Gays or Lesbians. 

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