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Saturday, April 11, 2009


I was astounded when I heard my girl-friends feedback about my question “What would you prefer to see? A gay and a guy kissing or two guys kissing?” and their answers are very analogous as they would prefer to see a gay and a guy kissing.

Last semester, we all mockingly decided to Eating Out 2 (it is a pink movie in USA) and when ___ and troy kiss and had their sexy scene my girl-friends starts to scram but when its ____ turn and octavio it seems like their watching Dingdong and Marian’s Kissing Scene.

I said “Para yun lang!”
One of my classmate answers “Eeee, I’d rather see a gay and a guy having sex than two guys at all!”
“A gay is also a male, so what’s the difference with that?” I defend
“For girls like us, Gay is excluded in Male society eh!”

Another Story: A famous bisexual couple is always a nattier topic in our institution. People always say “Nakakadiri noh?!” but with regards to a gay boyfriend of someone in our university they would say “Haba ng hair!” or any complimentary statements

then, certain questions starts to enter of my mind. Does Gay really considered and accepted as a third sex as they can share boys with girls? Does it mean gays couldn’t be discriminated after all because of the mass acceptance? Blah… blah… blah

I read an article from a College Chronicle in our school pertaining with the sexuality issues particularly BISEXUALITY and I suddenly start to think “Oo nga noh?! Bakit nga ba mas dini-discriminate sila, e samantalang mas malalandi naman ang mga bading?” but on the other hand., it’s a very shallow question because if you’ll just think a bit shallower than its shallowness you’ll see the better but deep answers.

BISEXUAL as they defined themselves is a person who could be attracted to both genders. And they would say that gender is not an issue for them as long as they like the person but then is it real? Does a woman allow a man to enter his life whose happen to enter another mans life? Can a woman kiss a man who kisses another man? Can a woman have a sex to a man who just had sex to other man as well? But of course, with this kind of situation the BISEXUALs tends to keep their genders as a secret.

A friend of mine once told me “It’s just an excuse for a Bisexual that they doesn’t prefer gender, if they did then why there are certain bisexuals who doesn’t want to commit a relationship with a gay? Most of Bisexuals would prefer to make it with bisexuals as well. And if bisexuals never mend sexuality then why does bisexual seek men than women?”

Well he really does have a point.

In line with this issue, nowadays, Gays also discriminate most of Bisexuals especially those who are straight acting bisexuals… I remember one day, my gay classmate tells me that he is having this huge crush to his classmate who is very gorgeous and cute (I can attest as I already saw the guy). He even steals some of the guys picture in his friendster but then unfortunately, he found out that the guy had a G4M account (that’s a site for 3rd gender, in case you didn’t know) and he said that he is so turned off. I ask him “why? Don’t you see it as a chance for you to get him?” then he said “Auko noh, Siguro, if he admit it agad.. pero he plays to hide it e so I am so turned off, Gwapo pa naman niya sayang at lalaki rin pala ang hanap!”

Well the point is that bisexual is being visualize as a “more masculine gays” though they would say they can still prefer women but still, a love of a man is more dominantly preferred by most of them. And with that fact, Bisexual is also considered as Gays… but not that accepted as gays because people accept gays because they accept themselves first and it’s a thing that discriminates bisexuals.

Maybe the world saw gays as not unordinary but bisexuals do. They exist as they are not guys and not even gals but in between. but then, the fact that the femininity is more dominant is the more that they would consider gays to kiss a guy. Gays are now being accepted as another entity though there are few who never wants to accept them but Gays are more legal gender than bisexuals and Gays is now considered as almost girls and lesser guys and that’s the very fact why they would rather chose them than those who still confused but fell with the same gender.

It’s not that I am against BISEXUALS… it’s just I want them to accept the fact that world cannot accept their definition of their gender. Gays tends to use it before but it is not accepted. It’s not shoddy if you’ll tell the world that you belong to the third gender, because you can no longer be the normal gender… because the more you accept is the more that they will accept you too.

Tell them, that you are bisexuals! But you are not Gay! As you are not feminine enough! But the thing in common is you both prefer a man!

No offensement….

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