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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MOA SMX - Dr. Joyce Black Seminar

August 02, 2009 we headed to Mall of Asia (MOA)-SMX as we will be having our seminar about "Client Safety, Security & Privacy requirements in Medical-Surgical Nursing Practice" conducted and taught by Dr. Joyce M. Black RN, CPCN, CWCN the author of an MS book who recently won a prize and recognition in U.S.A

The seminar was attended by several schools like UPHD, NEU, FEU, BSU and more.The Seminar is an NCLEX oriented seminar and as we perceived the US setting is very much different with our setting. it is very objective and those we considered as correct are never been the priority there but then, the purpose is at least we gain new knowledge, information and awareness right?

Our community (the school) also empowers their title as the #1 school in their area as they showcase their knowledge and information through the seminar

and of course after the seminar. we seized the moment to have a tour & shop in MOA though it'll be a tiring day as our bataan trip will start tomorrow. sigh

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