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Friday, September 4, 2009


Although it is a very tiring day prior to this commotion, I have to woke up so early as 4:00 a.m is our call time because last August 3, 2009 is our first day in Bataan…to Mariveles Mental Hospital

I seized the trip as my chance to catch back all my sleep and so it goes until I stir up when we are in bataan by 8:00 a.m

First day includes Trust Walk and Self Awareness Program and it’s objective is to be familiar with our self and build trust with one another.

The second day is the grooming day, we cut nails, shaved mustache for psychiatric patients and after that we met our patients. The first set of therapy were also being done; Music and Art Therapy; Song Therapy (Salamat by Yeng Constantino) and our Dance Therapy (headed by me) with the tune of Marian Rivera’s Dance craze “sabay sabay tayo”

Third Day began with the new set of therapies such as the bibliotherapy, Play therapy and the Occupational Therapy

Grand Socialization starts as it was mastered by Mr. Chan and Ms. Laquindanum of our section. Dance number from group 4 with igiling-giling shows enjoyment for patients followed by group 3’s “so sexy” and then programs followed next. Group 1 danced ‘Sasakyan kita’ and group 2 sang Haway-kamay.

It is very relieving giving fun for patient whose once out with the reality in any case by means of it we may help them recover and that someday they’ll recall that a nursing student were once part of their recovery and sycophancy of their life.

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