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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HAIL 3-i!!!

Diagnostic Examination results were revealed last Saturday August 15, 2009 and those outstanding students per subject were being recognized with their agonizing knowledge and intellects.

But then, it is a merely fact that most of 3-I excel in every subject. In fact here are the list of 3-I who must be hailed for their credibility.

And for those who did not studied like me and for those whose isn’t in the top list; it’s okay. It’s just a diagnostic Exam. It only a way of knowing our weaknesses and strengths in our subject matters at least now, we may know where we shall set our focus and also our enhancements.

But still we did good 3i! be proud aim high and we will PASS AND TOP THE JUNE 2010 BOARD EXAM!

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