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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I just heard this news in the T.V the last time about two guys (member of 3rd sex) having their wedding in a catholic church somewhere in manila. It’ll be a very happy moment for the couple as they could finally love each other with boundaries and with pledge that would assure love of both parties but not until some crowd get involve with the alleged issue.

The two are being reprimanded as damaging certain rights that certain people claim. Some says that they are ruining the holiness of the religion although some would defend that it is not against it as we have the freedom of religion. Some also involved political issues in it, blah.blah.blah… others claim and others did as well we are not that informative enough with their explanations but we have our own perception and that would be enough to say whether a thing is good or bad, because in our age, we can definitely determine good things from bad things.

3rd sex scattered anywhere and they are being accepted by the society and it is a mere fact that they are being held as ‘Third gender’ anyway. They’re also human, they have feelings and they had hearts that will eventually fell in love with who will attract onto it. We may say that their love was unusual and incorrect but thing really do exist by nature, maybe we may defend that it is not right but it wouldn’t be more right if we’ll only fool ourselves.

The issue is not aired to motivate people to do 3rd sex relationship. It says that things such like that exist and will be part of our life since then, but for those who want to try it they must think deep first wide and open, discrimination will follow but it’s a part and soon it’ll be accepted no matter what because people are people we only understand each other, not other specie.

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