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Thursday, August 12, 2010

QUEEN SEON DEOK… on its Superb Finale

I still remember my impression when this show is being aired on TV commercials as the upcoming show of GMA 7 “Another Korean epic-like drama again” I told myself “But I surely watch it” I added.

Since the similar story/legend has started I never fail to watch it; From the journey of Jang Geum in ‘Jewel in the palace’, to the love story of Hwang Jini in ‘Hwang Jini’, and also with the escapades of Jumong in ‘Jumong’ upto this jam-packed challenged life of Dok Man in ‘Queen Seon Dok’.

But I cannot deny that among these shows Queen Seon Dok had the biggest resemblance in my life. It has certain situations that contribute to me/us to still go on in life and fight for our privileges.

This legend enlightens the mission of Dok Man that through the struggles in her life, though there are threats to never make them come true still, the destiny unfolds with her undertakings. She was being held up but fights for what she knew is right and what she knew is better, and I think that must be the distinctiveness of a good leader, a very good leader. But then, last night (August 12, 2010) the story ended having her most loved died in front of her… the most sorrowful ending that through the actors and actresses apposite emotions: it really makes me cry.

A good leader is ready to struggle for what he knew is good for his fellowmen, he is always ready to let go of what he have, even the most important person in his life just for the sake of the most.

Dok Man is correct when she said that in life, there are people who will share the good times with you, there are people who will hurt you and will be up against you and there will be some who will loved you and give all of what they have but still, you must end up living and fighting for your principles and someday, you will be just like her… fulfilling her dreams but still verdict are based on the experiences ever stumble upon.

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