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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Sole Fight…

I am browsing my files and get them in order last night when I found this suitcase of mine containing all my short stories I written when I was in high-school. I was amused to share this short-story I did when I am in fourth year. it has been featured in a university paper and now, i wanted to share.

but the whole story will fill too much space for this blog thus I will only let you read the summary. but for those who wanted to read the whole story... just send me a private message or e-mail me...

This story is about a man who seek revenge for people who take away what he owned.

I was born in a middle-of-the-road family, I mean we are not wealthy but we are not poor. We are lucky that my grandfather is a good business man and he owns certain incorporations here in our country. My father is undergrad but he is an affiliate of those companies I just mentioned, but because he didn’t finish his college he is just an ordinary board member of that business. I always wonder why he doesn’t fight for such position he wanted. He was given a share to the company; I think it’s his prerogative. But he decided to get mute.

My father and my grandfather died several years from now…The whole thing was been taken off by my aunt and uncle. The position was given to us. I was minor then, we decided to give it to my sister who’s in legal age then. But benefits were not given, we stay mute. She finished college and work there and I wonder why she doesn’t have the position for a board of director… I want to strut but she decided to shut up. I graduated college and decided to work there, they didn’t hire me and I started to round the bend.

My sister wants me to shut, but it’s the exact opposite of what I want. It’s been so long since our prerogatives are being taken off from us. I want it to be given. I want to have it.

But I’m just an ordinary person now. I want to be successful more than the success they are having. I want money, more than all the money they have. I want justice… I want revenge… I want our rights.

My dad did not fight for his rights when he know he have all the chances… so as my sister, she can’t fight for our rights, the rights our relatives took away from us several years ago. But I won’t be like them! I don’t want to stay in the corner and stay voiceless as what my father and sister did. I want my voice be left out, I want my rights be given unto me… and now, I have to fight but I have to wait… I have to be prepared with this fight I’m up to, to have the offense with the defenses they had; To have bullets in my guns. I will rise up soon, and let them regret of their brutality. I will take back what is mine


  1. U r wonderful.

    Hi-skul ka palang noon pero ang mga ideas mo 4 short storiea are wow. Most of the time ang mga isip ng mga bata noon ay love story but your works are more on drama... and it'll surely have nice morale. Nice

  2. 15 o 16 ka lang siguro noon??? Very Creative!!


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