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Sunday, July 25, 2010

On Job Hunting day 2

I still have the hang over about mu job application yesterday when I woke up the next morning. I still laugh at my mistakes observed by my interviewer but what’s done is done all I have to do now is to concentrate and focus on my next job interview.

The HR officer isn’t on her office when I arrived thus I have to wait for a couple of minutes for my job interview and then after a while she arrived.

“Thank you for waiting, we are currently having a power problem here” she apologizes.

“No problem, Ma’am” I said politely

“So can I now have your resume?”

Then I gave it.

“Okay, please fill out this application paper first before we start”
Then I did.

“So what makes you apply in our company?” she asked

“Actually Ma’am I was being referred by my sister, who worked here before and as a matter of fact I don’t know what position I will be applying here, I’m a nursing graduate and you already had your company nurse here and aside from that I don’t have any idea of what work is related to that course, so I was hoping that if you hired me you’ll destined me to a work that will fits me”

“If that’s the case I think you are perfect for our representative in BFAD (bureau of food and drug), I was impressed with the way you talk so I presumed you can do that besides you’ll be guided by your supervisor” she said

“No problem ma’am as long as I’ll be trained then why not?”

“All you have to do is to pass the exam”

Then I took the exam and OMG I don’t know where in earth they got those questions. It is an IQ test but still it’s harder than my exam yesterday. But luckily she said I passed and so we go on with the interview

“So when is your plan to start?” she asked me

I feel so enlightened. ‘Does it mean I am hired?’

“It’s all up to you Ma’am. Maybe on first week of august?”

“I thought you want to start next week or even tomorrow” she said “There’s a lot of works waiting for you actually”

“No problem, I can start by Monday ma’am… I just need tomorrow to prepare myself”

“Okay, it’s now 2 o’clock... Do you have your birth certificate with you?”

“for what purposes ma’am?”

“I will request you sana to go at SSS to get an SSS number so you will receive benefits”

“Do you mean I was hired as a regular employee?”

“I think you really can make it, so no need to put you as on call employee”

“Okay, thank you very much ma’am. Expect my hard works and loyalty for your company” I am so happy

This interview is the exact reciprocal of what happened a day ago. I never expected that it would be that easy. Maybe because I am so test by yesterday’s very tough interview that I could be prepared for every question might bestowed on me.

I went home hastily to get my birth certificate and go to SSS office to a number required by the company who hired me. But then, It’s been a weird feelings that after getting that number, I suddenly felt a bit sentimental.

Sentiments, that I am now facing a new world: the world of being employed; of earning for myself and helping my families as well, that I now have burdens and I’m not their burden anymore… that I can’t ask for money now because I’m earning one… total adjustment… for success.

I may be considered lucky because among my batch, I’m one of those who have jobs now… while others are there competing for that very bloodthirsty type of job hunting. Yes, I am maybe lucky. But I should’nt always considered lucky just because I have this capabilities of making it through… I should take care of these so called capabilities thus it can contribute to my wanted success.

For still unemployed and searching: Patience and for those who are hired: Humilty and perseverance


  1. Louie Sacdalan RN, MANJuly 27, 2010 at 9:47 AM

    Congratulations! With your talents??? You deserve it.

  2. You can do more than that... Sad to say that our country is lacking job offers for us nurses but if that doesn't happen... i know that you can be the best nurses of the country. I believe in your talents and competitive character. Keep up!


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