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Friday, July 9, 2010


Mutuality seems to be very adjourning essentiality of going on with peers day by day; insights are meant to meet and reciprocated but what if that mutuality started to be adjunct? Will it be understood? Or will it be not as it adjuncts as pace couldn’t see veracity?

The common mistake of every man is being blind. Blinded by the fact they wanted to be and not the fact of what should be. I as an entity already has countless experiences of having critical decision making, and through every decision making I always bear that I shouldn’t regret what the outcome of my decision would be. Making false decision is like pain in the ass, consequences sucks and lament takes in burning your ego trying to turn back time to correct mistaken perceptions.

My Best friend in high school is one of my best examples, I always put up on fight with him with his lousy decision and yes Arguments always accompany when I tried to straighten her arched decisions simply because I want her to be on right track most of the time. It is not healthy for a friend seeing his/her friend regrets while he/she can do a thing to prevent it at first. And she chatted me a while ago… thanking me through that (though she thanked me before) because true friendship lies in me, and I never left her though she almost do because of misunderstanding my point.

The Moral Lesson of the story??? Mistakes really helps us know what is wrong from right but it isn’t good always having mistakes when you can see clearly what is wrong and right without actually doing it.

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