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Friday, July 16, 2010

Never talk as if you’ll never repent…

Being judge-mental isn’t good for every specie of this human society. Most of the time this lead us to some peculiarity that will hit our ego because we utter things that we didn’t know that after a while will serve as repentance: a reflection that what we just said cannot be justified.

Let us take it side by side with my situation. When I was in second year high school I am a consistent part of the topnotcher of the class (well, don’t take it that serious as I never gets into the pilot section and this is just an example; but a true to life example. Okay?) People always brag that I’ll hit the spot though I know to myself that I couldn’t because the rank 1 in the class is really totally gifted and so I am happy with my spot ranging 3-5. I was devastated when I was in third year, I’m under peer influences and I admit that sometimes it came to a point that I cut classes to enjoy and I was remained on the rank 11 consistently. One of the topnotcher of the class (who’s happened not included when we are second year) suddenly asked me “What’s happening to you Drew? I thought that you’ll be a contender for the top spot” my ego hurts, he seems bragging that why am I only way behind? Thus I let him assure of one thing as I said “Let us see next year who will be left behind” he just laugh because I said it in a mockery way although I’m a bit serious with that. We became classmates when we are in fourth year (second section) and gladly I made it to the top spot again ranking 7 and ranking 2 the next quarter and the boy that I spoke up upon is our rank 1. The next quarter is full of speculation as everybody amuse that I will hit the top spot, and that boy is also tense that he might got defeated assured by my words before but unfortunately I didn’t make it and remain second throughout the school year.

It feels so bad that you can’t justify what you’ve said. It seems like though you are almost on the spot, still you considered yourself a loser.

The moral lesson of the story? Never say a word if you can’t justify what that word is. W shouldn’t underestimate our opponent. We can never tell if our opponent has more thing to be brag off, more things who’s better than what you’ve had and being defeated hurts, it hits the ego of credibility of justifying words we once said and the later part, what your opponent would say to you?


  1. Nice.. totoo naman, wag magsalita ng tapos. baka kainin mo lang..

  2. pagkakita ko sa fb binasa ko agad.. haha
    nice po.. mejo tinamaan ako. pero totoo naman kasi. lessons learned

  3. ikaw din aniiicka?? haha.


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