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Monday, July 5, 2010

Blog Time Again!!

It's been a long time since I am very active blogging due to my preparation for the recent NLE... and what can i say with the examination??? I'm asking for my luck after I took it haha... Well I did my best to prepare for it, that's all i can offer... We just need to wait for the results and hope to see my name on the list.

Anyway, due to my long time of being silent I really gain so much insights and i'm starting to craft it all.. so expect more of it guys and I Just hope that you are still there to support..

I Love you all! and thank you very much I'm now...


  1. Yeah.. It's been a long time.. your followers (including me) misses your nice and straight to the point insights! We'll monitor your nice works!

  2. 2 months ka ata nawala... i'm sure maraming idea para i blog ulit... intayin namen un!!

  3. try neu po sumali sa mga top blog awards.. malake po chance neu dun...

  4. thanks for such compliment.. may mga fan na pala kame huhu..

    thanks din for trusting the blog.. kasi Aniiicka we r not ready for that e... siguro share share nalang muna tingin ko e hilaw pa kame para dun... thanks anyway...

  5. Pero Idol ko na po kayo haha... okay lang po ba humingi ng mga advices sa inyo??? kasi writer ako sa college namen...


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