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Sunday, July 11, 2010


In community, in hospitals particularly in the delivery room and also across the street as I saw lying-in clinic which was possessed by them: They’re diffusing, they’ve been given more privileges, their number swell and they were dubbed midwives.

I presumed many of us cogitate why does it seems like midwifes has more panorama than of nurses. Registered Midwives (R.M) are the focal point in the delivery room next to the OB-Gynecologist. They’re more in demand and overriding in the community scene, they can deliver independently and autonomously and they can establish their own lying-in clinic; it divulge like they’ve more privileges than us (in the nearby future); we can only pursue doctors orders if then, we can do other things but with consequent trainings parse, unlike them in just 2 years of training they’re dominantly incurred.

The difference is on us nurses. We mostly lay to set our minds to work in our untamed imaginations and that was in the hospital, mostly abroad. We often want to do things in easier way, we never notice that opportunity supposed to be for us gradually fading and disregarded until we’ll came up in a corner executing only with orders.

It is very vital to be flexible and be ardent for this streak of our job. Nurses are made to aid people and execute care thus we shouldn’t overlook those concerns till the end of time

We are good, but they’re also good. We should breed to something better. Good are for good and let us not let it just slip to be owned by others whose also good. All we ever need is just to commit in our virtue: we are better and we are always capable of everything.


  1. Louie Sacdalan RN, MANJuly 11, 2010 at 11:44 AM

    I think this article doesn't put up a fight against midwives naman noh??? it just want to wake up the mind of new era nurses.... may point ang article,,, nice one...

    I'm a nursing prof. keep on doing articles like this...

  2. di naman siguro against.. wala akong nabasa na nag dedegrade ng midwives... partner po sila e... kaya safe po ang blog... maganda ang message ng entry kaya di dapat pag isipan ng masama..

  3. yung mga mag rereact siguro e mga immature minds... di maganda kung laging pagaganahin yun.. peace

  4. thanks po for understanding... keep on supproting guys!

  5. para lang po malinawan ang isip ng mga nursing students ngaun, pati yung mga young pro RNs... yun lang po ang gusto iparating ne2ng article... no other than dat...


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