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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


After 4 years of continuous schooling for nursing (including the summer, as we have our classes) comes my review classes fulfill my summer vacation after grad comes the subject of this preparation… last Saturday and Sunday, the matter of all this long awaited preparation was done, I did my best so I was hoping for a positive outcome.

I just woke up from my longest sleep since then when I checked my phone for messages, one of my friends is inviting me for a job hunt in ortigas… and without a doubt I refuse then I tried to surf at the net (one of the things I never done for the sake of my preparation as I need to focus) and checked my facebook when one of the acquaintances chatted asking what are my plans after taking the boards then I just said “none so far…” then a laugh… and he said “You must move faster, I’ve so many friends who are still jobless, better search for one now” and then, I was mesmerized he is absolutely right but I have my point out of the cover.

I gave my life for almost five years just to fulfill my dreams and it wouldn’t hurt if I’ll take a break right? I want my body to relax and experience independence even for a short period of time. I do believe that we must set our minds first and let it urge for success once again. NLE is a big issue that was given very much effort and with every effort comes a rest, a break, a peace of mind. Then I elucidate to my batch mate and to that friend of mind. That I deserve a break, we deserve a break. Work can wait, though there’s a recession with that, but still we should love ourselves and not intoxicating it just because we want to succeed in a minute.

If Success is really yours, then it can wait… but in the right time and right way… this doesn’t mean that we should take a rest as long as we could, but rest until our body has the urge of fighting again… Time will come to show what you will be…

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