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Sunday, January 16, 2011

What’s the Matter with PNOY’s new luxury car?

I was wordless when I heard the news about certain price hikes since the year started. I thought that it’ll be a good beginning as everything were contemplated to be left good but not as what just happened; prices of certain commonly consumed products went higher; From the price of the bread, sugar, oil, Taxi-fare, the foreseen MRT/LRT fare and so as Jeepney Fare and etc.; I just said this is really not so good. And now, I just heard that PNOY (President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino) just bought a new car, and it’s not just a car; it is a luxury car with a brand name ‘Porsche’ and as what he just said "there’s no big deal! It is third hand!” I just laugh.

I can’t find any good grounds why a chief of the country will buy luxurious things despite of all prices hikes just happened. Does it mean that he doesn’t mind people’s suffering and now, he wanted to get his own life by giving himself a new car? a luxury car? Well, I’m not impressed that he can still spend huge amount to make himself happy while others were so knotty about further problems with their limited finances.

It is not bad to reward ourselves sometimes. I, personally do it always especially if I did good things or achieving things but I only do it if I’m on the right track, wherein there are no more lay ups that will tell me that I’m being too self-interested. PNOY can buy it after his term instead. Sigh.

For PNOY, our dear president; just have a more empathy within you. I knew that criticism will tell you now that what you did is not right especially with that kind of responsibilities.

And patience, my dear Filipinos, we must comprehend enough to let this thing happen for now. Let us just question if it happened again. Let us just hope that our country will soon rise again and be stable just like the old times.

This is only my opinion.


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