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Monday, January 3, 2011

10 Greatest Things Happened to me in 2010

The year 2010 has been very tremendous to me as I learned certain precious things within this year. Life’s moral lesson has been taken inside of my wits and all of them stray my personality and was applied for my very core.

And with all of that, I wanted to share my top 10 Stories, happenings, Achievements, Moment of the year that I’ve been very thankful as I felt that I was really blessed with.

1.Successful COPAR and Thanks Giving

January 14, 2010, we conducted our COPAR (Community Organizing Participatory Active Research). I was designated to be the director of our Play which is the focal point of the Program as this will be the health teaching for all the people of the community. I was also tasked to do production numbers for the event comprising my selected classmates; but the challenge is: This will be the first time they’ll perform in front of huge crowd.

Choreography should fit their experience, the story should be entertaining enough, twist must be appropriate with the flow and every act of the artist shall be striking and entertaining though. Luckily and thankfully it is successful!

2 months later, we went back to the baranggay and thank them by a program. I am responsible for the program then, this time. It is a lot easier.

2.Succesful Seminar

After our struggle with our COPAR, I was assigned as the Program Chairman of our seminar entitled “NR to RN: Perspectives on Theory Building and Testing in Nursing” held last February 23, 2010.

I host the said program and I am responsible with every scene of it. On where the guests will seat, when the food shall be given, who will be my co-host, what will be the chronology of the event, where should be, what should be etc. and thank God, almost 100% percents are good feedbacks.

3.My Cutural Award (Literary)

After thorough efforts with my one of my devotion which is literature it has been appreciated by our club (Nurses Notes) though I was just a rookie as I only entered it during my last year in college; I’m still given an award which is honored by the University.

4.I Graduated in College

I am the happiest person when we had our Graduation last March 29, 2010 as I almost didn’t make it plus I studied for 5 years so it has been the moment I really been waiting for.

I had a problem with one of my subjects 2 weeks before our Graduation as I almost lost all the chances and accepted ‘nalang’ but God really heard my prayers and he really never fail me, he always knew what shall I deserve. Thank God.

5.I had my dream Vacation.

I’ve been looking for a nice break. After studying for 5 years even during summer breaks? I think I shall have it too. Then, my high school friends makes it come true as we went Bataan and this year it’ll be in batangas (I’m so excited!)

6.New Member of the Family: Mumay (Our Dog)

I’m always advising my sister not to buy dogs who where petite as I prefer big dogs before but when I saw ‘Mumay’ on my room somewhere in May, I really can’t help but be fond of her.

Mumay is the nickname given to our dog whose real name is Cheers Lotus Mandala a princess type Shih-tzu. Mumay is so adorable and she is the first thing I always seen on our door whenever I came back from review classes or somewhere and she’s the 1st one I always seen every morning I woke up, so I think these traits made us love her so much and so as our neighbors and friends too.

7.I passed the Board Exam

When asked what is the happiest moment of my life I always answered “The day when I found out that I passed the Nursing Licensure Exam” with confidence.

I really do. I’m shouting because of happiness here at home when the results were rendered and found my name there and you may think that it is exaggeration but I just did. Well, I can’t blame you as I used to think that way too. Lol.

8.We bought a lot

We are just living in an apartment and since we had savings we decided to invest it to have a house first but we must have a lot then after all. Haha.

9.I determined who my friends are

When a major struggle comes in my life, I seek for my friends support but only chosen one’s respond and so I come up that my true friends are only few.

10.I got a Job

I started last November 2010 as a Quality Analyst in a Pharamaceutical company. I’m so thankful that I work hard with my chemistry subject before that serves as an advantage for me to get hired. At least being an Analyst is much more similar with my course as I am analyzing medicines; their components, their effectiveness, harmful substance or effect and their integrity.

2010 is a very blessed year to me and I am hoping that this year will be an extension. Have a lucky year to all of you as well.

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