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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year: A New Beginning

I just done arranging everything for our house décor: Polka dots Curtain, Polka Dots cover for our sala, rounded fruits in the table, food preparing etc etc. then I sat down until I heard a loud sounds of firecrackers by the neighborhood and so us sensing people’s busyness for the upcoming event and then I realized the year is about to change; several hours later it’ll be a brand new year.

I got mute then, I suddenly realized how really fast the world has been revolving. I’m now witnessing 21 new years since I was born and each year is like a friend who’s after doing such good thing to you is about to leave and gone forever but letting you realize that there are other friend out there who might give you better than he could. But then his presence has been a part of your life.

It has been said that New Year means new beginning. It is a commentary that we’ve been given a chance to move on but never fail to look back.

I’m wishing everyone a good luck for another year who’s about to say hello later. Let us start again for better, for us, for everyone. Have a prosperous new year to us.

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