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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Akihiro Sato won the Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition

Akihiro Sato, a Brazilian-Japanese model won the season three but the first ever celebrity season of Survivor Philippines. Well he’s my bet next to Mama Elma.

I’ve been a fan of Survivor Philippines because among the reality shows of Philippine TV, it really entails how different people are; In terms of attitude, in behavior and in wickedness might come up on their minds and most of all it only shows that evil will never win; among the three winners of survivors can you point out who among them shown evilness in the game? None of course, because evilness will always strikes back in the end.

But of course it’ll be better if the title will be given to those who needs it the most e.g. Nanay Zita of Season One. Well, JC Tiuseco deserves it too. Mr. Cris of season two, though Amanda still grabbed the crown against Justin (oh, I am for Justin that time). Or Mama Elma but she was betrayed by dirty tactics of Aubrey but then good news Mr. Nice Guy Akihiro Sato reins the competition. But let us be happy, at least they’ve been given a chance and they gave their bestest on it

Survivor doesn’t just entertain. It also put certain moral lessons that we humans must learn. Yes, the goal of the game is to win. But not everybody can understand our point if we do immorality just to win, it’ll only makes you look desperate and vindictive. We must play the game fair and square and though you’ll never win; people will still appreciate your efforts and kindness and through it, you seem to be a winner too. Then if you win, then it really deserves you.

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