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Friday, December 10, 2010

PNOY’s Personal life: do we have to be updated?

It’s the first time for our nation to have a President who’s still single though he is on half of his life thus any lady who have been close to him were always being put in an issue and the usual reaction of the President? “It’s my personal life. Leave it to me”

But the thing is; is it acceptable for us to just leave it to the President?

This issue has been debated on several TV Programs I just watched this week and yes, both sides defended their part trying to convince people to believe them but as an individual I also have opinions too (I’m not obliging everyone to deal with my opinion, I just want to share it)

I think there’s nothing wrong if Filipinos will be updated on personal life of PNOY, actually as a public figure; considering he is in the highest position of the authority he must always be transparent so his every action will serve as an inspiration and role model to all Filipinos.

Secondly, Filipinos were so interested of who will be the inspiration of our President through his hard works, so it wouldn’t hurt if PNOY will be open about this. I’m sure Filipinos will be happy if they see their “foretell salvation” happy.

Interest on it doesn’t intend to poke fun, or just to be talk of the town, it’s like a mother who wants to meet who makes her baby happy. 

Always Think Positive my dear administration.

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