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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

10 Great Things of my 2011

I just wanted to have some recap of the great things that happened to me the last 2011 and while doing this, I realized that I am still fortunate that I was blessed with these blessings... though I noticed that 2011 was not as good as my 2009 and 2010, I still considered this year as my most meaningful year ever, and to here's my list to show you why and how...

1.) My sister recovered from her accident

During the last quarter of 2010, my sister suffered a vehicular accident which makes her refrain from walking and by last June 2011, a month before her birthday, she finally recovered and could walk again. She even did mall-ing right then… haha

2.) I was enrolled for My Masters Degree
Last June 2011, I started my first trimester for my Graduate School program which is the Master of Arts in Nursing major in Nursing Administration and it really feels good to be back in school again, every session has been very interesting and I found new friends, and I can say that I started the class with a flying beginning

3.) We just had a new member of our family; 3 more dogs
They are actually four but since I trust the buyer of one of my dogs, I rendered him one of them. They’re actually the children of my first dog named ‘Mumay’ and now they’re four, aging 8 months now.

4.) A Job Promotion and Salary Increase
I just had my Promotion earlier and later this year, which means I got promoted twice, it’s just a self actualizing experience that you improved in your field somehow.

5.) My First out of the country travel
I went to Singapore before September came and it is one of my most unforgettable experiences in my entire life. I always dreamed of traveling there and I am planning to get back to that country with my family whenever I earn some funds

6.) My Getaway with my High school Peers
I always consider my vacation with my high school peers every summer as one of my greatest moment in a year. I think it is because I just love nature and my stresses flown away whenever I had some encounter with it.

7.) My Bigger Responsibilities
I consider my position in Graduate School as an accomplishment and I know that it happens for a reason, I know that this would improve me as a student, as a professional and as a human being.

8.) My First GSSO Project
The first GSSO project was not actually mine, it is just incorporated with my distinction but I considered it mine too… with this project, I had a lot of realizations in life and I know that I have to share all my blessings to those who are lesser fortunate to have those.

 9.) I offered forgiveness
Well, I became friends with my former enemies now but only to those who has opened their arms, well it is not healthy to have that feeling in your heart anyway.

10.) My Soaring numbers of blog viewers
I am still mesmerizing with the numbers of my viewers it almost triples and I wanted to thank all of you for you untamed support. I will do my best to give you the best blog entry I can offer.

Still, 2011 did a lot of things to me and I am so thankful with that. I just hope that 2012 will reign me with great blessings, opportunities and guidance and I am wishing you the same too.

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