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Monday, January 16, 2012

I resigned…

Yeah… you just heard it right….effective today I am now officially unemployed. I really don’t know what comes into my wits why I decided to do that, what I know is that I just woke up one morning telling myself that I am not enjoying anymore and leave my job and better yet find another one.

I know quitters don’t win and winners never quit but I think a real winner wouldn’t end up in a battle wherein he knew that it is not a battle anyway.

It’s not that I don’t like my job, well I like everything unusual to me but I think this isn’t really for me because if it is, then I think there wouldn’t be any reason why to find another passion right?
I was asked by my instructor why I decided to leave the job…

 I suddenly paused and think what would be the best explanation I could offer her to tell her what my sentiments are… and I just said, I am not just happy anymore with it.

I wanted to grow more. I wanted to gain more experiences that that job cannot provide me. I wanted to be different somehow and I wanted to prove myself. Such thing I have never found in that job, well, I ought to say that I just did proven myself but in there, I think no one bothers to mind.

Now, I decided to be free for a while and will just mind job hunting later, I think after 14 months of stressful yet minimal admiration kinda’ job, I deserve to have a rest.

I am just wondering where could I find a company who could provide all my desires for a job… hmmmm

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