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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Couch Potato

It’s been half a month since I left my first job and I never even tried to get a new one until now as I really don’t know why what’s driving me lazy right now. I even planned this week to be my job hunting week but I never had any resumes printed and I feel that I am not ready yet.

My sister has been constantly asking me when will I go for Job hunting and I just keep on answering “maybe tomorrow” or “soon” but to tell you honestly I am still enjoying my routine at home wherein I would woke up any time, I can surf the net as much as I want, I can watch certain variety shows at noon and I can enjoy several foods at home haha

I am still waiting for myself to get bored wherein with that boredom I would voluntarily go on and look for a job for a change, maybe I lack rest with my routine before and I wanted to stay longer for my future job.

As of now I am enjoying being a couch potato wherein my routine is just eat-surf the net-clean the house somehow-food trip-and watch tv. Haha… I just hope I am paid with this routine.

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