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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Actually, this day has been moved out of my calendar since then and yet it still exists hahaha am I too bitter being a single all this time? Well, I think there are numerous people there who really hates this day more than I do anyway.

February 14 was always meant for lovers but I don’t actually hate it, it wouldn’t change a thing anyway. I am just igniting my humor with my statement above. The truth is, I am also celebrating this day with myself because I saw it as the day to love myself more; to get rid of insecurities, recover from imperfections, trying to be a better person and accept myself more.

And besides, my family is always there to let me feel that its Valentine’s Day everyday with the love they’re giving to me.

So I want those bitter people to realize that though they are single, they are still lucky to have somebody who loves them constantly and unconditionally.

Happy Valentines everyone!

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