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Monday, March 12, 2012

The one who did this must be sent in Hell

I really don’t know why this kind of people still lives. I won’t blame this dog if he would attack the one who did this to him as they really deserves it, actually they deserves more than that, they must be sent in jail or better, they must be sent in hell.

I wonder how the conscience of the one who did this carries it. How can he do this to a dog that never did any harm to him? How I wish the owner of the dog will be the one to be placed and put inside that sack and travel from Quezon City to Baguio with his mouth tied.

How I wish that everybody who wanted to have a pet here in the Philippines will be screened if they really fits to be a good and responsible owner because it is not normal doing this to such poor animal. They’re just an animal, they don’t have the same thinking as humans have, and God made us the more superior inhabitant here on earth so we must be the one to consider.

I just wish that the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) would do the corresponding actions regarding this this, and give that car and dog owner what he deserves, they should be disciplined. Everybody must know that even an animal has certain rights to be treated fairly, if humans cannot treat the animals’ right, then how could they treat other humans courteously then?

And Kudos to the lady who told the police about this incident that makes this car owner caught. Kudos to the one who shot this picture with the car’s plate number to tell the world how cruel the owner of this car was and Kudos to all who expressed their concerns and sympathy for the Dog, you guys really had a big understanding heart..

Except for this one…

You know Mr. Echo Lim… I just hope you will be placed in that sack with your mouth tied too so you could realize how cruel that man did to that dog. The children you were saying, they have their parents, or if not, there’s DSWD who could to protect them, they’re just the one to be resistant with the DSWD so it’s not our problem anymore. But this dog, he can’t think like you do nor even with the level of survival of those kids you were saying… well, at least the dog is lucky because he has a big heart and he cares for people like you unlike you, you never cared for dogs like him.

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