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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Plastic Agent

“Yes, Ma’am… Yes Ma’am” a guy from a distance said, he is actually talking on the phone. I am in inside a coffee house in Malolos waiting for my friend to arrived; the guy who’s talking on the phone is in the other table not so far from me that is why I heard his every conversation on the phone.

“Okay Ma’am! I’ll look forward to that..” the guy said and it seems like his conversation is about to end and that was proven when he ended the call after an instance, but then I was astounded when he suddenly said “Pu***** yang matandang yan!” (f*ck that old woman!) after his phone call, I supposed he is pertaining with the caller “kung di ko lang sya kailangan!” (If I only didn’t need her!) he said after.

I tried to figure out the guy and I supposed that with his looks, his belongings he is a sales agent of a medicine and that caller is a customer who seemed to refuse or back out with their deal.

After a while, the guy… who I supposed to be a sales agent received a call and I noticed that the call is from the one he just talked with as I heard with their conversation “Ma’am, ba’t napatawag po kayo uli?... Okay lang po Ma’am! I Understand… Hindi naman po dito matatapos ang sales-relationship natin right? See you next conference Ma’am.. Okay.. salamat po..” “Ma’am, Why’d you called again? It’s okay Ma’am! I understand… well, this wouldn’t be the end of our sales-relationship right? See you next conference, Okay, Thank you..) and he ended the call and said “Leche!” after

My friend arrived and after several minutes of chatting, we went to the mall as a part of our plan. Well to tell you honestly my favorite part inside the mall is their department store haha as you can obviously have a variety of anything you want and I am not a brand conscious anyway.

I am browsing clothes in men’s wear with my friend who seems to be very serious looking for a gift for her dad’s birthday, when a scene captures my attention.

A lady was actually asking the salesman of the same brand we were browsing about certain things about the clothes she wants, she was actually asking the salesman if they have what she wants, the salesman entertains her, but it seems like the one given by the salesman does not satisfied much the lady so the lady returns it to the salesman and tell him “babalikan ko nalang” (I’ll be back for that…) and when the lady walks out the salesman poke fun of her with her co employee saying “kelan? next year?” (but when? Next year?) they laugh, and I know he is pertaining with what the lady told him a while ago.

I just thought that I used to tell those words too to some sales agent in the department store before too, and I wonder if the other agents did the same thing to me. Did they poke fun of me too once I’m away? Hmmm…

Well then, after several minutes the lady went back and bought the clothes she pertains a while ago.

I shared this experience with my friend when we were having our dinner in that same mall…

“Well, I’m not shocked upon hearing that, agents were all like that! They’re trained to please you and lie to you every now and then, you can’t even figure out who are the real people among them” she told me

“I have some friends who worked as a sales agent” I told her

“Include them…” she added “They’re just doing their job lang naman but the negative reaction when being rejected isn’t right… I mean what’s ideal is, you must accept whether the customer wasn’t satisfied with your service diba and it’s not the customers fault, it their (the agent) fault because they did not pleased their customers, so all those un-nice words will just slap them in their face” she explained

Well, she got a point… but then, if I will be a sales agent or something that would deal with customers, I don’t want to do the same thing… I know it’s impossible with the type of person like me… But I’ll minimize it, or I will just make it just to rejuvenate my self esteem, I’ll make it obviously in a funny way so nobody will be hurt…. Well, with the type of person like me, rejection is a sign of a challenge that would make me do everything just to win over it.

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